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Here you will find schedules, results, rosters, photos and much more information on the Connetquot Sayville Ice Hockey Club. 
The Connetquot Sayville T-Birds have teams at the Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshman levels, and compete in the Suffolk County High School Hockey League (
www.schshl.net) on
Long Island, NY.

If you would like to find out more about our club, or would like to play ice hockey, see our "Contacts" page at left.



June 1, 2012- The Center for Athletic Medicine & Physical Performance introduces its Concussion Awareness and Treatment Program.

ICE-IT!- Immediate Concussion Essentials: Intervention and Treatment

   For any athlete or person who participates in physical activities that may pose risk for a closed head injury or Concussion, The Center for Athletic Medicine & Physical Performance is the first program in Long Island to provide a multidisciplinary approach for the management and treatment of concussions.  Lead by Dr. Salvatore Trazzera, Medical Director, CIC and Dr. Joel Becker, Clinical Director, CIC, The Center for Athletic Medicine & Physical Performance provides leadership and education to school and recreational athletic programs including education of coaches, teachers, athletic training staff as well as parents and student athletes.  ICE-IT! includes baseline neurocognitive testing and past injury follow up.  The program fulfills requirements necessary to meet standards set forth by the New York State Education Department and the State Health Department as outlined in The New York State Concussion Awareness Act, Bill (S.3953).

The New York State Concussion Management Awareness Act goes into effect July 1, 2012.  It states that all middle schools and high schools, private or public in N.Y. State, adopt rules and regulations for the recognition and monitoring of concussions in students.  The Bill establishes minimum guidelines regarding removal from play, physician clearance, and “return to play” protocols.

The legislation includes the creation of a concussion management team in each school district that will be comprised of health professionals, athletic department staff, and key educational staff. The Concussion Management Team would be responsible for overseeing staff training, educating parents and students about concussions and providing necessary academic and physical accommodations for students who have sustained a concussion. This will allow for a student’s safe and maximal recovery both in academics and athletics.

“Student athletes participating in football, lacrosse, ice hockey and soccer may be at the highest risk for a concussive injury;   but " a concussion  can occur in any athletic activity, “said Dr. Joel Becker, a Neuropsychologist, Credentialed ImPACT Consultant and Clinical Director of the ICE-IT program, (Immediate Concussion Essentials: Intervention and Treatment).  “The best practice is baseline testing, immediate and expert post concussion evaluation, followed by reliable, trained post-concussion management and care.”

ImPACT (Immediate Post Acute Concussion Testing) developed by doctors at the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program, has proven to be a useful tool in measuring the severity and effects of concussion and determining when it is safe for concussed athletes or active individuals to return to their baseline  level of physical activity.  With ImPACT the student athlete or active individual takes a pre-season or pre-activity 30- minute test on a computer that measures neurocognitive processing such as cognitive processing speed, memory and visual motor skills.  The individual’s baseline data are stored in a computer file.  Should the individual ever experience a concussion, they will take a Post Injury Impact test at clinically determined intervals with results compared to their baseline as well as their age/gender peer norms. The clinical data obtained help determine when the athlete’s neurocognitive brain function has returned to their baseline scores and/or their normative peer group’s level. This information allows the clinician to best determine when it is safe for the athlete the student to return to sports or physical activity.

A concussion, which according to clinical research occurs in 10-15% of all athletes participating in contact sports.  Is diagnosed by an alteration of mental status due to sudden and violent rocking of the brain inside the skull caused by a traumatic blow to the head or upper body.  Concussion symptoms, lasting various lengths of time, may include amnesia, disorientation, confusion, fogginess, blurred vision, nausea, fatigue and sometimes loss of consciousness.

Dr. Trazzera, a Credentialed ImPACT Consultant and Medical Director of the program adds, “It is time for us to protect our young athlete’s most vital resource, their brain.  Closed head injury or concussion injury can be cumulative and a return to play prematurely may predispose the developing brain to recurrent injury which requires very little direct or indirect force to the skull.  The effect of multiple concussions can be cumulative and early return to play may predispose the athlete to second impact syndrome which can be catastrophic.  Thus, education, recognition, and prevention are the key to decreasing incidence of concussion and its sequellae.  Our program focuses on increasing public awareness and educating the coaches, teachers, and parents who are in the best position to remove these athletes from competition and modify the demands placed upon an injured student in the event that they sustain a concussion.”

The program uses a combination of neurophysical examination, including neurological and objective balance assessment and neuropsychological evaluation (assessment of brain function).  It is the only comprehensive assessment of its kind in the New York Metropolitan area which utilizes the Biodex-SD Balance System and ImPACT Neurocognitive testing on each of its athletes.  Closed head injury or concussion can have a significant impact on the proprioception and vestibular function (balance systems) as well as cognitive abilities, such as attention, memory, reasoning, language, and perception.  Dr. Joel Becker, Neuropsychologist, Credentialed ImPACT Consultant (CIC) and a recognized expert in Sports Concussion develops and implements an Individualized Care Plan for recovery and return to activities with each athlete.  Appropriate timing of return to play is the key factor in avoiding recurrent injury and its associated long term effects.


ImPACT & Biodex-SD baseline testing is available by appointment at the Center for Athletic Medicine and Physical Performance in Farmingdale, New York.  516-249-1020


Dr. Salvatore Trazzera, a Board Certified Cardiologist and Sports Medicine Physician has rapidly established himself as the athletes and fitness conscious individual’s physician.  His life long experience as a competitive athlete combined with his extensive medical training, knowledge and clinical experience provide an uncommon combination of skills which allow him to relate to his athletes in a way unique to few physicians. 

Dr. Trazzera is CEO of NYTEX Sports, LLC a sports management company based in New York and Texas and owner of the Texas Brahmas Professional Hockey Team in the Central Hockey League (AA Minor Professional League) as well as the Texas Jr. Brahmas, a Tier III Jr. ‘A’ hockey team playing in the Western States Hockey League (WSHL).   A 'Certified ImPACT Consultant' (CIC) trained at the University of Pittsburgh prestigious Concussion Management Program, he is a leader and expert in Traumatic Brain Injury (Concussion) management and works with local high schools and colleges to provide the IMPACT Concussion Prevention and Management Program to their athletes.   He is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Radiology at Stony Brook University Medical Center and serves as Team Physician for the Stony Brook University Ice Hockey Team. He has introduced a concussion education, prevention and management program utilizing state of the art clinical neurocognitive , and neurophysical (Balance) assessment. This program will help guide athletes to safer return to play minimizing recurrent and long term injury further decreasing post concussive cognitive impairment. www.farmingdaleheart.com 

posted 08/15/2012
The Suffolk County High School Ice Hockey League has instituted mandatory  concussion testing for all athletes competing in the league for the upcoming  2012-2013 season. This testing will be provided free to all league participants  due to a grant provided by Dicks Sporting Goods. Players will be informed as to  the time and date of their testing by their teams general managers. All players  in the league must be tested, or be scheduled to be tested prior to their first  game of the season. The test is computer based and will take players about  thirty minutes to complete.With  the importance of identifying and properly treating student athletes that have  sustained a concussion during play, the SCHSHL is proud to join with Dicks  Sporting Goods and Dr. Salvatore Trazzera to bring this program to the children  in our league.

    As  mentioned above,,Dr. Salvatore Trazzera will be assisting  the league in this initiative. Dr. Salvatore  Trazzera, a Board Certified Cardiologist and Sports Medicine Physician has  rapidly established himself as the athletes and fitness conscious individuals  physician.,  His life long experience  as a competitive athlete combined with his extensive medical training, knowledge  and clinical experience provide an uncommon combination of skills which allow  him to relate to his athletes in a way unique to few physicians.


posted 08/15/2012
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